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RadJav allows developers to create native multiplatform applications quickly and easily with nearly the same look, code, and performance across Windows, Linux*, Mac OSX*, and HTML5. Within the same environment developers can send and receive funds over it's built-in blockchain using XRJ coins. Coming soon, developers will also be able to execute smart contracts and host their applications on it's decentralized datacenter.
* Coming October 2017



Host websites, create your own cloud storage service, or compute massive computationally intensive algorithms quickly when Blockchain V3 releases.

We envision RadJav to be much more than just another programming language. It will also have the ability to host RadJav applications over it's decentralized blockchain datacenter. Combine this with the ability to create smart contracts and give developers the ability to create their own coins, and you have one of the most powerful programming languages ever created.

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Windows 10


Download RadJav

It may not be the prettiest thing to look at right now, but download and try RadJav today and see what the future can look like.

The Windows version of RadJavVM contains the RadJav GUI Wallet.


What is RadJav?

RadJav has four main aspects


Create desktop and HTML5 applications using the same code.

Create and use custom themes. This is available only on HTML5 as of right now. Desktop support is coming soon.

Currently supported on Windows and HTML5, with many more platforms coming soon.

Decentralized Blockchain Datacenter

Blockchain V1: Securely mine and transfer funds using XRJ coins. Uses a slightly modified and thoroughly tested Bitcoin source code.

Coming soon is Blockchain V2 and V3, where each computer has the option to host RadJav applications and smart contracts.

Computers hosting RadJav applications would earn coins from the application being ran.

Will give developers the ability to create a sidechain along with their own coins/tokens.


Coming soon you'll be able to setup your own HTTP/HTTPS server.

Websocket server and client support is coming soon.

Support coming soon for raw TCP/UDP socket communications over IPv4 and IPv6.

Can currently make HTTP GET requests.

3D Engine

Quickly create video games that run on multiple platforms.

Create multiplayer games with WebSocket support.


About Us

Higher Edge Software

Higher Edge Software, LLC was started in 2006 as a services company creating custom software, websites, web applications, and providing IT solutions to numerous companies around Arizona.

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Nathanael Coonrod
Nathanael Coonrod

Managing Member and Lead Developer

With over 13 years experience in desktop application and web development, he has developed dozens of applications ranging anywhere from video games, office productivity software to programming languages.

Chris Kern
Chris Kern

Strategic Adviser

20+ year technology investment banker and financer with over $650 million in total transaction volume. Specialization in Enterprise Software, Financial Services, Telecommunications and Internet Services. Previously worked with $40 Billion hedge fund manger Fisher Francis Trees & Watts, Lehman Brothers, and Technology Investment Banking Firm – New Century Capital Partners. Strong background in identifying and growing cutting edge technology companies that have the capability to dynamically change an entire industry.



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